Personal Training: My path started on the universitary football on 2006, working on fitness conditioning and scientific researching in Brazil. Mastering the bases of functional training gave me the opportunity to work with people of all ages and help them to improve their biomechanics and achieve their fitness goals. During the past 3 years, I have personally trained high performance football and futsal players in Brazil and Europe. Now, I work for NOU PERFORMANCE in Lisbon, where I offer face-to-face and online functional training for athletes.

Notable Work: I have worked and trained elite athletes in Russia, Belgium, Turkey, Croatia, Brazil and Portugal. Some of the great players that I had the opportunity to train are: Luiz Adriano, Quincy Promes, Cirilo, Mauricio Santos, Ramon Motta, Cardinal, Diego Cavinatto, Jonatan Lucca and more.



Personal Training: I started personal training in 2013 in a functional training gym in Porto Alegre with my friend, Lucas Kruel. I personal coached people of all ages and fitness levels. In this time, I learnt about the foundation and essential techniques of functional training. Over the years, I have trained professional soccer and futsal players in Brazil and Europe. Now, I work for NOU PERFORMANCE and offer face-to-face functional training services for professional athletes.

Notable Work: Over the years, I have worked with elite footballers in Brazil, Ukraine, Spain, Turkey and Germany. Some notable players that I have had and continue to have the pleasure of personal coaching are Douglas Costa, Javi Martínez, Juan Bernat, Thiago Alcântara, Rafinha, Alex Teixeira, Taison, Marlos, Dentinho, Kovalenko, Wellington Nem and more.



Personal Training: I am from Cambridge,MA, USA/ Naturalized Brazilian. Growing up I learned to love the game of soccer. Playing competitively most of his life in America and Brazil, playing both Futsal and outdoor. I attempted to pursue a professional career prior and after college but due to injuries I was unable to compete at a higher level. With time I learned to value the most important part of the game. Mental toughness and preparation, this lead me in pursuing a career in coaching and training players.

Notable Work: 5 Years personal trainer, Private coach, 5 years ESA, Brazil CT, 3 years Ginga FC head Coach, F LICENSE, E LICENSE, USSF FUTSAL NATIONAL LICENSE, AJAX ONLINE YOUTH CERTIFICATE , Bachelors in Sports management,Pursuing Master in Exercise Science



Personal Training: I began working in a niche Brazilian gym when I was an adolescent and it was there that I learnt all functional training techniques and training essentials. I mastered my craft in this time and it was a great learning experience. During this time, I coached people of all fitness levels and ages. Over the past four years, I have trained professional soccer and futsal players all over Brazil and Europe. Now I own, work and manage NOU PERFORMANCE and offer online and face-to-face functional training services to athletes.

Notable Work: I have worked in Brazil, Italy, England, Spain, Turkey, United States of America, Australia, Ukraine and Germany. I have personal trained elite athletes such as Douglas Costa, Bernard, Thiago Alcântara, Rafinha, Robinho, Pezzela, Juan Bernat, Ferrao, Dentinho, Wellington Nem, Bernard, Fred, Marlos, Javi Martínez and more!