The Off-Season Challenge

We know that the great majority of athletes have great difficulty in maintaining or evolving their physical preparation during the off-season. After speaking with several entrepreneurs and athletes; we found that many players are not physically prepared for the preseason once they arrive at their clubs - especially during 2018 as some players have extended vacation time due to the World Cup.

The lack of preparation is due to the players not having a professional team to train with during the holidays; which causes a great loss in the their physical condition, mental preparation and technique.

Players who continue to train by themselves during their vacation time experience less effective training, limited space and inadequate structure. Without a high quality training program designed by experienced coaches and tailored to your needs, results of solitary preparation attempts are less efficient.

Due to the lack of efficient off-season preparation, players can jeopardize their performance during the season approaching, risk losing their place in the team and the risk of injury is increased on the return to intense team training.

The Goal

We have developed a tailored training program that focuses on the preparation of both athletes who are in the off-season training period and athletes who are currently without a club and waiting to agree on a new contract.

The Training Camp will be held in in Munich, Germany with a focal point on individual functional training for each athlete. The personalised training sessions will take place outside on the field and sand, as well as inside our NOU Training Centre. Our emphasis will be on the technical and cardiorespiratory work of each player.

Our principal objective is to have the athlete arrive in full physical and mental condition for their club pre-season training and prepare the athlete to perform at a higher level than other players in order to keep or acquire their position in the team.

The Training Camp will be hosted in Munich germany from May - July 2018 by reservation only. Availability of places are limited so that we can maintain the high level of personalized coaching

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