Our team at Nou performance offers face-to- face and online personal training for professional athletes, amateur athletes and people of all ages and fitness levels to help them achieve their fitness and sport-specific goals.

Our personal training service allows our clients to train under the supervision of a NOU coach. Our NOU personal trainers have a vast range of experience and knowledge from many years of training elite professional football players all over South America and Europe. The objectives of our coaches are to

  • Evaluate, analyse and create an appropriate training plan for each client.
  • Plan, supervise and instruct the training sessions and exercises.
  • Correct every individual’s posture and execution of all exercises.
  • Evaluate and measure the development of our clients.
  • Provide educational, mental and physical support to ensure the best outcome for your body.


Our expert team at Nou have created an efficient and easy-to- use online training system where we evaluate the condition and objectives of our athletes, design appropriate training plans for each client and monitor their progress.

The team at Nou performance offers professional athletes the opportunity to elevate their training level to perform better in their chosen sport via face-to- face and online personal training.

The Nou Performance Munich Training Centre offers athletes and non-athletes the service of high quality personal training and the chance to reach their health objectives and continue a physically active life.

Track Your Progress

Training is all about understanding. At Nou we keep track of your growth to ensure that you can see your progress and understand how your body is transitioning into the athlete you want to become