• The beginning

    Our story begins with our founder, Lucas Kruel. Lucas is a highly established personal coach of many elite football players around the world and over the past few years, he had mostly worked with top professional football players in Ukraine and Germany. Lucas has two objectives. Firstly, he wants to share his functional training methods and improve every client’s quality of life by operating a fitness studio in Munich to personal coach Munich based professional and non-professional football players, athletes and regular gym-goers. His second goal is that he wants to improve the physical and mental condition of professional football players worldwide by offering personal training via online and hybrid methods

  • The Team

    Lucas knew that he could not achieve these goals by himself. He needed a management team to help run the fitness studio and online training system, a team of well-qualified coaches, investors and extra services to support his vision. So, he created our team of well-experienced coaches and managers to begin our training movement. Our team consists of very talented and trusted colleagues that Lucas has had the pleasure of working with over the years. Most of our team are Brazilian born and many investors and services who support the company are German - which gives a great mixture of culture and characteristics to the business and style of training

  • The Vision

    After many meetings and plans regarding the vision of the company, the logistics and the confirmation of the services that we were going to offer… Nou Performance was created! Nou Performance officially opened in December 2017 and our company continues to personal train clients of all ages, professions and fitness levels at our fitness studio in Munich; while creating optimal training plans, online and hybrid personal coaching for professional football players from Brazil, the United States and Europe.

  • The Mission

    Nou Performance continues to strive to improve every client’s life through precise and effective training. To foster a more balanced lifestyle, based on continuous training alongside good nutrition and proper mental and emotional preparation; is an important cornerstone in Nou's vision so that every person has the conditions to overcome the challenges that life imposes us









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