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Our Vision & Mission

NOU Performance aims improve the quality of each client’s life through efficient, safe and effective functional training. We believe that our methodology of functional training helps to create a balanced body and lifestyle; reduce pain and injury; and enhance overall strength and movement. Through mindful, tailored and smarter personal training, we strive to help our client’s achieve their goals and live healthier lives.

What We Do

We offer personal training for professional, amateur and recreational athletes (Beginners-Advanced). Personal training is offered at our Training Centre in Munich, online and client homes and/or offices. We specialise in functional training – focusing on bodyweight, overall strength and resistance, mobility, flexibility and injury prevention to enhance performance and improve quality of life.

NOU Training Benefits

  • Optimise time – efficient and effective training that engages multiple parts of your body during each exercise while tailoring the workout to your needs.
  • Enhance overall fitness level – improve endurance, strength, power, mobility, agility, balance and more through functional training.
  • Decrease pain and injury – strengthen your core, posture and joints as coaches guide you through correct positioning and muscle engagement.
  • Feel lighter – increase mobility, flexibility, agility and coordination with feel-good dynamic sequences and stretches.
  • Fast improvement – work closely with highly experienced and knowledgable coaches who will guide, adapt and correct your training so you can feel the benefits and progression towards your goals.
  • Increased mindfulness – mindful training increases awareness and understanding of movements and your body.



Our Training Services

Free Training – Book a free personal training session to learn about our methodology, meet our coaches and discuss your goals!


  • Personal training under guidance from experienced and motivating coaches.
  • Evaluations of personal fitness level, injuries and objectives to create efficient and effective workouts tailored to your needs.
  • Full Body Training focusing on bodyweight strength, resistance, mobility and flexibility.
  • Available to people and athletes of all fitness levels, ages and objectives.

Contact info@nouperformance.com to book your free Trial Training or for any enquiries.


  • Personal trainings sessions are currently available at the NOU Performance Training Centre in Grünwald due to relaxed COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Available Monday-Friday 08:00-20:00 and Saturday 08:00-13:00.
  • COVID-19 and hygiene practices are maintained.
1:1 Personal Training at NOU Performance Training Centre.


  • Training sessions via 1:1 video call with a Nou Coach.
  • Workouts adapted to your personal space and equipment available.
  • Full access to NOU Coaches.
  • 30-45 minute personal training sessions.
  • Available Monday-Sunday, flexible times.
1:1 Online Training via video call.


  • Personal/Family or Company Team Training under guidance from experienced and motivating coaches.
  • Workouts adapted to your personal space and equipment available.
  • 35-45 minute training sessions.
  • Monday-Friday 08:00-20:00
  • COVID-19 and hygiene practices are maintained.
Team Training at Company Office.

Safety & Hygiene

Health and safety is our priority – not only during your training but also, in the environment that you train in!


  • Wear masks; disinfect hands before and after each client; keep a safe distance from each client when possible; disinfect used equipment before and after each client.

NOU Performance Training Centre

Founded in 2015 by Lucas Kruel, NOU Performance is a renowned training studio for professional, amateur and recreational athletes.

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